1. Through this document CATALONIA BIKE TOURS, rents the bicycles and accessories described below to the renter, in accordance with the conditions set out herein. CATALONIA BIKE TOURS provides the bicycle rental concession and is the contractor of the service.

The make and model of the bicycle(s) covered by this rental are indicated on the purchase invoice, which is attached as ANNEX 1 hereto.

The bicycle(s) is/are handed over equipped with various accessories to ensure the user’s safety, as well as a better riding experience. These accessories include:

  • SIGMA BLAZE FLASH rear light.
  • TOPEAK POCKET ROCKET lightweight mini pump.
  • GARMIN GPS mount.
  • LAMICALL mobile phone mount.
  • SRAM battery charger (CANYON CF7 etap models)
  • FAZUA battery charger (CANYON Endurace:ON models)
  • BOSCH battery charger (SCOTT SubCross 20 Eride models)

2. This rental agreement is formalized on the date of acceptance of the rental conditions and is temporary depending on the type of rental chosen by the customer. A one-day rental lasts for 10 hours (9:00–19:00) and a multi-day rental lasts from 9:00 in the morning of the first day until 19:00 of the last day. The delivery and collection of the bicycle(s) and accessories shall occur in the place and at the time agreed with the customer and may incur additional transfer costs.

3. The prices applicable are those published by CATALONIA BIKE TOURS at the time of the booking through the website The rental amount is paid in advance by bank transfer or credit card on the date of formalization of this agreement.

4. The renter declares that he/she is aware of the condition of the bicycle(s) being rented and undertakes, under his/her strict responsibility, to make good use of the bicycle(s), stating that he/she understands how it/they work(s) and how to use it/them, and to return it/them in the same condition in which it/they was/were delivered. All repair and/or replacement costs for the bicycle(s) and/or its/their accessories shall be borne by the renter.

5. The renter declares to be in perfect health to ride a bicycle and to have the necessary control over the rented equipment. Furthermore, the renter declares to be familiar with basic bicycle riding techniques and basic repairs in the event of possible bicycle malfunctions; he/she assumes the risks of carrying out this activity in the natural environment at their own risk and without the service of a professional guide; he/she is aware of the existence of a number of objective risks in this environment which in most cases are impossible or very difficult for the company to predict in order to warn the rental service user. Moreover, the renter as the rider of the rented bicycle, or as the person authorizing a minor to ride it, is in all cases responsible for his/her mental and physical health, as well as any for problem or incident that he/she may have due to illness, allergies, medication, disability, being under the influence of relaxing, stimulating, or hallucinogenic substances, or any other reason that may affect his/her safety at any given time.

6. The bicycle rental does not include own-damage insurance, and therefore the renter is responsible for any material or personal damages that may be suffered. The rental is provided with the corresponding civil liability insurance which covers all damages to third parties, persons or property caused by the rental. It is the responsibility of the renter and his/her companion(s) to respect Spanish traffic regulations, to ride carefully, and to respect pedestrians and animals that may be encountered.

7. The minimum age for renting and using bicycles is 14 years. Adolescents under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult who has the signed permission of the child’s parents or guardians, guaranteeing full responsibility for the actions carried out by the minors with the rented bicycle, and in particular civil and economic responsibility.

8. The renter undertakes to return the rented bicycle(s) and all accessories described in Clause 1 at the end of the rental period, in the same condition as they were delivered and in suitable conditions of use, assuming responsibility for any damage, deterioration or theft that may occur. In the event of theft or loss, the renter undertakes to pay the Lessor for the rented bicycle(s) and/or accessories at their price when new.

In order to guarantee the compensation and proper use of the bicycle(s) subject to the rental agreement, as well as compliance with the obligations arising from this agreement, the renter shall pay the Lessor a deposit of €300 per rented bicycle. This sum shall serve as a guarantee for compliance with the obligations arising from this rental, as well as the proper use of the rented bicycle(s). This guarantee shall be returned to the renter, after review and agreement of the mediator on the return of the rented bicycles.

It is hereby expressly agreed that the total sum paid as a deposit for the total number of bicycles rented by the customer shall be used to cover the repair of any damage, deterioration or theft of any of the bicycles rented, even in the event that any of the bicycles are returned in good condition.

9. The renter must immediately inform the Lessor of any incident that may occur with regard to the use or possession of the bicycle(s). Furthermore, the renter assumes full responsibility for any damage or accident arising from his/her own use of the rented bicycle(s), with full indemnity for the Lessor.

10. At the end of the rental period, CATALONIA BIKE TOURS shall check the condition of the rented bicycle(s) being returned and, if necessary, determine the damages or losses incurred (excluding wear and tear under normal conditions of use).

11. The renter may not assign, sub-rent or transfer the bicycle(s) covered by this agreement.

12. Unless expressly authorized by the Lessor, the transport and use of the bicycle(s) outside the Autonomous Community of Catalonia is prohibited.

13. The use of the bicycle(s) in inappropriate conditions, such as going up and down stairs, crossing rivers more than a few inches deep, entering parks with skate ramps, etc., is prohibited. In general, any use for which the type of rented bicycle(s) is not intended is prohibited.

14. The renter undertakes, during the rental period, to park and store the bicycle(s) securely indoors when not in use. It is prohibited to secure or leave the bicycle(s) in a public space outdoors, and the renter must keep the bicycle(s) under his/her supervision at all times.

15. Failure to return the bicycle(s) and accessories on the day and at the time agreed without prior notice shall incur a fine of €20/ hour or €100/ day.

16. The renter declares to have read and understood the terms and conditions of the rental agreement established both herein and on the website of the rental company and he/she expressly accepts them by signing this agreement.

17. The data provided by the customer shall be used solely for the correct provision of the service subject to the agreement and, in accordance with the law, he/she may request from the Lessor access, rectification, cancellation, or opposition to said data by any means. This agreement is governed by Spanish law.

18. For the resolution of any discrepancies that may arise as a consequence of the execution and/or interpretation of this agreement, the parties, with prior and express waiver of any other venue that may correspond to them, expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Vic and its superior hierarchical authorities.









More than 30 days 100% 0% cancellation fee 100%
Between 29 and 15 days 100% 25% cancellation fee 100%
Between 14 days and 72 hours 100% 50% cancellation fee 75%
Less than 72 hours 100% 100% cancellation fee 50%